Beginner`s Guide: Compound Hunting Bows

compound hunting bowsThe sport of archery has always been famous among men and women. In earlier days hunting bows were used to feed the whole family and used as an activity in the elite class. Archery and bow hunting has been famous from the very beginning. Compound bows are the latest invention. Its components are manufactured from aluminum, magnesium various alloys. If you are planning to go hunting and need to select a compound hunting bow, you will find that there is a very large variety of hunting bows. Each one has its own feature. If you are new to hunting go for a simple hunting bow, a compound hunting bow is for experienced hunters as this bow has a number of moving parts.

Compound Hunting Bows have numerous components and you have to get familiar with it once you buy it. This hunting bow has a lever system. Shooting this bow is quite different from the others. Some of the methods are the same as normal hunting bows, like the stance and the preparation. The position of the arrow is different though. Your grip matters a lot while shooting. Make sure the pressure is on the thumb and while drawing the string use the back muscles as much as you can. The release of the arrow should be very smooth, only then will you be able to shoot at the target. When you pull the string potential energy is stored unless you release it. Upon release, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and the limb of the string returns to its original shape.

Compound Hunting Bow Types

There are two types of compound hunting bows. One is two-cam which is known as dual cam as well and the second one is single-cam or solo cam. Dual cam has two elliptical or round cams as the name portrays whereas single cam has a round wheel on the top. Every one wants the best hunting bow so a couple of things have to be kept in mind while buying.

The price, shape and color don’t matter. Firstly, the draw length is important. The draw length should be ideal while shooting and one should be comfortable with it as only then will the hunter be able to shoot accurately. Secondly your draw length should be accurate. A draw length is the distance from the nock point to the throat of the arrow. Thirdly it is very necessary to see which had suits you the best while shooting, the right hand or the left hand. If you are right handed you will have to buy a bow that suits you as then you will draw your string with your left hand and hold the bow in your right hand. These things have to be kept in mind if you are going on a hunting trip. Another thing to be kept in mind is that your compound bow string should be in good condition and you should check it on daily basis. It can be pretty confusing to decide which hunting bow to buy, if you are going for hunting you should buy a hunting bow. This bow is especially for deer hunting.

If you can’t afford to buy an expensive compound hunting bow, you can always find used compound bows for sale. We strongly recommend you to check our Compound Bows Guide before purchasing your first bow.

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