Best Bow Speed for Hunting – 2021 Update

Best Bow Speed for Hunting

Every bow manufacturer has it’s own selling point, cam design, limb design, total weight, let-off, etc. the one thing they all try to sell you on is speed. Let`s have a look together to our guide of best bow speed for hunting. (2020 Updated)

What do you think? Speed kills or is it only sells? If you are asking for our opinion, we could say that bow speed kills and yes it sells too!

IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) speed is rated in feet per second. So, how is this measured? Typically the draw weight of the bow is 70#, the draw length is 30 inches and they use a 350-grain tip. The arrow is then shot with a machine such as the Spot-Hogg Hooter Shooter to take out human error. It’s good to know what the maximum velocity of your arrow could be, although somewhat unrealistic since very few have their bow set up this way and we are in fact human. Keep in mind a child’s bow set at 30# can kill a deer if the arrow is placed correctly. There is only one way to see how fast your bow is and that is to shoot it through a chronograph; your local bow shop will usually have one.

**Before the summer 2020 bows hit the market**

Now that the semantics are out of the way let’s get to what these manufactures are turning in for their speed demons. We are sharing the fastest bows for each of these major bow makers and the IBO speed for that bows below:

(2020 Update: Some of the bows below are not available in the market anymore.)

PSE Omen Pro: 358 FPS

PSE Evolve 28: 335 FPS

Darton DS 3800: 350 FPS

Bowtech Destroyer 350: 350 FPS

Bowtech Reconing 38:  325 FPS with 38” axle to axle length and 7 1/8” brace height

Bear Carnage: 345 FPS

Bear Cruzer G2: 315 FPS

Hoyt Vector Turbo: 340 FPS

Hoyt FX Comp: 309 FPS with the SVX cam

Leader Compound Bow: 310 FPS

Mathews Z7 Magnum: 340 FPS

Ross Crave: 335 FPS

Raptor Compound Hunting: 315 FPS

G5 Quest Primal: 332 FPS


Everyone go out and get one of the popular compound bow right? Wrong. If this is your first bow, you should probably shoot at least three different brands, find what you are comfortable with, what fits you, and which bow has the qualities you are looking for. For first time buyers they also have very affordable bow packages that have everything you need on them; many of the bows listed above are considered high-end bows. Speed may be their main selling point for some of them but there are many other factors that you should need to take into consideration as a customer.

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