Best Trail Cameras for Wildlife and Where to Place Them

Best Trail Cameras for WildlifeNow that I have private land to hunt on, I’ve been thinking of where to place my 2 cameras and how often to go check them. Should I setup a feeder? A pile of corn? Neither? I will also share some of the best trail cameras for wildlife below.

Deer have a phenomenal sense of smell and going into an area too often will leave behind your stink and can scare off some deer. If you’re trying to get a big buck you need to take all precautions, after all, they didn’t get big because they were dumb. Many only come out after dark and are quick to spook and possibly never return to the area.

I’m a person that wants to see what is going on at my camera. Last year I placed a camera on public land and was a nervous wreck afraid someone would find it and take off with it, I wanted to go back and check not only on the camera but also what it may have captured on a daily basis. I didn’t because of the smell issue, but still went back too often. Now with the private land I’m wondering whether going back once a week to retrieve my cards is ok or if I need to wait longer.

Doing some research I learned more about cellular trail cameras. They use a cellular data card and plan to transmit pictures to an FTP server, email or phone depending on what brand and model you get. You can setup the camera and not have to go back for months at a time! No more disturbing the wildlife and if your property is a long drive away, no more wasting gas to check on a camera. You will have a monthly fee from AT&T (the most common one I could find) but you could save much more than that on gas.

In my case, I’m 5 minutes away so it would be more about not spooking the wildlife and being able to get pictures daily than anything else.

If you have ever wondered if using hunting video cameras is worth the money and effort, then wonder no more. Every hunter needs to be using video cameras to scope out the land and stop wasting hunting trips going to plots that is just plain dead with no activity. We are video experts in the outdoors and will do our best to guide you in the right direction of getting the perfect hunting camera to help you find busy locations of big game. If you are on a tight budget then I have the perfect cam for you, Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P with 3 Infrared Sensors. Its Amazon`s choice and it`s really a a great video camera for those on a low budget and gets the job done with it’s 14 mega pixel view, and you can’t go wrong with this one. You can find this for a great price at the moment as there are several discounts.

Even though the Campark is low cost, you can get better deals when you buy bundles. Why buy bundles? Besides the great price break you get with bundles, you are going to need things like SD Cards, and mounts so you might as well get even more of a price break bundling it all up. It also makes sense because you get the recommendations for the compatible accessories that fits well with the hunting video cameras you purchase. You want to hunt smarter and buy smarter.

It is always best to purchase the accessories to bundle everything you need. I recommend an SD card, lock cable, and security box, if you don’t already have one of these.

Here Is What Best Trail Cameras Will Capture

If you haven’t been using trail cameras then you should consider it and I highly recommend it. Watch this video it explains it better than anyone else that I have ever heard.

If bundles aren’t what you are looking for then you can still get excellent hunting video cameras individually at great prices. These cameras are highly recommended and I wouldn’t recommend anything that I wouldn’t use myself.

You never have to pick your brain to wonder if you are getting the right hunting video camera or not, I have done the leg work for you. All you have to do now is just choose the ones that are in your budget because they are all very nice to have and will do the job you need. There are no excuses for not going out and finding the hot spots for your next hunt.

There are many great trail cameras on the market that I recommend such as; bushnell trail cameras, moultrie trail cameras, and many more. The bottom line is that trail cameras are essential for game scouting and should be used to help you find what you been missing out on.

If you have a remote hunting location or even a property you want to keep tabs on for security reasons, consider checking out the best trail cameras for wildlife.

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