Fooling the Whitetail’s Nose

Fooling the Whitetail’s NoseFooling the whitetail`s nose, sense of smell can be a very difficult feat. The whitetail’s nose is designed to allow the animal to smell danger at several hundred yards. The nose of the deer has 297 million olfactory receptors, which give them their exceptional sense of smell. To put things in perspective, dogs have 220 million of these receptors and humans have only 5 million. With this incredible ability to smell it seems impossible to fool a whitetails nose.

However, in today’s hunting world there is a plethora of scent elimination products that can help a hunter be undetectable for the whitetail’s nose. By using a variety of products and being disciplined, every hunter can go into the woods virtually scent free.

For the majority of my hunting years I have been practicing rigid scent control. In the past few years I have only been winded by one wily old doe, and that was because I was eating a sandwich in the tree stand. Here are a few helpful tips to get the average hunter on track to becoming invisible in the woods. I wash all of my hunting clothing in scent free detergent and store it in carbon lined bags. This ensures that no foreign odors can get on your clothing. I also have an activated carbon suit made by Scentblocker which has proven to be a great product. You must be able to trust your gear when you are hunting and scent control is no different.

Fooling the Whitetail’s Nose: Scent Control

One thing that I have learned to fool a whitetail nose is; when it comes to scent control you can not overlook the little things. Examples of these “little things” are boot storage, backpacks, facemasks, hats, and gloves. Many hunters make the mistake of not taking care of these articles of clothing and then they wonder why the deer smell them. I take extra precautions with my boots because boots are difficult to maintain scent free. My Scentblocker knee-high boots are carbon lined and I store them in a scent free tote with pine branches in it. This has worked well for me.

It is also essential to keep your backpack scent free. I use a backpack made by Scentlok that ensures that foreign odors are not put into the air from my hunting supplies contained in my pack. My rule is if it has air exposure, then it has the potential to hold enough human scent to spook a deer. This is why I take extra precautions to keep all of my “little things” scent free. All of my external clothing is always scent free when I go into the woods. If I sweat in my camo, then I make sure I wash it before I hit the woods again. Sweat is exceptionally smelly to a deer.

I grew up hunting in Northern Michigan where the deer are exceptionally smart and wary, and my scent control regime has performed flawlessly. I shot two bucks with a bow this past year and both came in directly downwind of me and had no clue I was there. Certainly, if you take the time to practice a scent control regime you will be a lot more successful in the upcoming years.

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