Self-Filming Your Hunt: five Low-Tech Strategies to Up Your Game

Filming your personal hunt can be incredibly challenging. The income spent on gear, the time, and investing in finding out a camera or microphones adds up fast. Not to mention all the added weight and set up time it takes to get it in the tree or blind with you. But when it functions out like it is supposed to there is absolutely nothing greater. 

Right here are a couple of low-tech suggestions on issues you can do to make your self-filmed hunt even greater this season.

Want to take your self filming game to a new level this season? Attempt these five low-tech suggestions.

1. Capitalize on Prime Shooting Time

The initial factor, and perhaps the easiest, is have an understanding of what type of light your camera appears the ideal and worst in. Recognizing when your gear is going to execute the ideal is going to allow you to function inside these time frames a lot more and a lot more, and that alone is going to let you to have greater video. 

I have an understanding of we cannot manage when a deer or turkey is going to stroll into the kill zone, but it does imply for all the other stuff, the set ups, the speaking, the b-roll, and any other footage we do have manage of, we can make it appear its ideal. Frequently this is going to be the initial 30-45 minutes of light in the morning and the final 30-45 minutes of light in the evening. If you are considering to oneself, “Well that doesn’t give me a entire lot of time to do something,” then you are proper. 

We’ve got to be efficient and productive. For the instances when it just isn’t in the cards to get things accomplished in the early morning or late evening, normally attempt and shoot video in the shade or when it is overcast. Shooting in bright sunshine sounds good but it tends to make for truly crappy video.

Take benefit of downtime and high-quality lighting to get function accomplished with your camera.

2. Get a Camera Light

A second low-tech factor you can do to enhance your filming is add a great on-camera video light to your arsenal. You can acquire these lights for much less than $50 on Amazon, and they will make all the distinction in the globe for following-dark recoveries, lighting up the inside of a dark truck for filming, or any other predicament exactly where adequate light is not obtainable.

3. Be Smooth

A different effortless low-tech move to make is to function on getting smoother with your shots. How do you do this? Here’s a fast hack that’ll make a globe of distinction.

Get oneself a tiny elastic band or rubber band and hold it on your tripod arm. The subsequent time you get in your blind or treestand and want to do a good smooth panning shot of your region to set up the hunt, rather of grabbing the manage of your tripod and attempting to be supper smooth on that pan, use the band to pull the arm for the pan.

The band is going to take out any of the shake or imperfections your hands would have if you attempted to do it manually. The band acts as a shock absorber. Genius, I know!

Are you telling a story with the content material you develop?

4. Establish Shots to Inform a Much better Story

The fourth tiny nugget I can give is study what a transition and an establishing shot is. A transition shot is a shot that gets the viewer from one particular spot to a further. This shot seamlessly transports the viewer from day to evening, day to subsequent day, or stand to new stand. What can this shot be? It can be a drone shot of a field. It can be a shot of climbing in or out of the stand. It can be a multitude of issues.

The complete object of the shot is to convey a modify. It is a way to show the audience some thing is altering rather of obtaining to inform them. The establishing shot is made use of to establish some thing, a spot, a place, a individual, or time of day. It is your way of telling the story with out words.

Feel about 99% of the shows you watch on Television. You are watching a scene and you can really feel the scene ending and the subsequent shot you see is the outdoors of a constructing. The subsequent factor you hear is men and women speaking though the constructing is nevertheless on screen, the subsequent factor you see is these men and women speaking inside the constructing you had been hunting at.

No one particular told you they had been in that constructing, but we know they had been. If you have ever noticed the show, Close friends, you know that anytime they had been going to the coffee shop set, they would show a shot of the outdoors of the coffee shop just before they took you inside to the mates speaking. That shot of the outdoors of the coffee shop is an establishing shot. This identical principle can be applied for hunting camp, the truck your driving to the subsequent spot, or the stand you are headed to. These shots are so effortless to get and add so a lot worth.

5. Do Extra Speaking

Lastly, some thing that is going to enhance your hunt is to talk…a lot.

What do I imply by that?

When you start off videoing hunts, inevitably you or an individual else is going to have to edit the footage. When you speak to the camera you clarify to the editor what is going on, exactly where we are, time of day, climate, and so on.

Assume your viewer is dumb and they have to be told each aspect of the hunt. This speaking is going to add structure and worth to you and the viewer. No one particular desires to see a montage of squirrels and leaves all the time. Give us some info.

If you can create these easy measures into your routine, it will drastically improve the high-quality of your content material this hunting season. Hopefully this will assistance you enhance your production in the days ahead. If you ever want or want a lot more information, head more than to Redneck Tech Podcast on IG and Apple Podcasts.

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