Squirrel Bow Hunting: Bushy Tails

Bushy Tail Squirrel Bow Hunting Story:

Squirrel Bow Hunting Bushy Tails

At 60 yards, I could just see his bushy tail twitching, as he called to his comrades through the oaks, the woods soon became alive with bushy-tails scurrying through the trees and leaf covered ground. After about 20 minutes of watching, I was ready to make my move. I carefully moved 20 yards, slowly drew my Bear recurve, concentrated on a small spot on the shoulder, and as I relaxed my fingers, I watched the over sized white flu-flued arrow strike the squirrel at the point of his neck and shoulder. As soon as the arrow hit I was loading a second arrow, as squirrels scurried into the cover of the trees. A few of the brave ones, ran onto the limbs of trees to ‘bark’ in protest. I lined up on the closest one, and let loose another arrow, knocking him to the ground, unfortunately, the reason for his tumbling act was not because I hit him, but the branch that he was sitting on. The last time I seen him he was headed for parts unknown.

After the commotion had stopped all was quiet, the only movement in the woods was me retrieving my quarry. After hanging the squirrel from my ‘Small Game Grabber’, I moved about another 55 yards into the woods, and decided to pull out my secret squirrel weapon. I grabbed my “Haydel’s Game Calls Small Game Squirrel Pack” for hunting from my pocket and as silently and slowly as possible, I made a 35 yard half circle back to where I had just been previously.

I got the sapling, I knocked an arrow and readied my bow. I grabbed a hold of the sapling shaking it hard and loud, while ‘screaming’ with the call. Literally with in seconds, adult squirrels came out of there nests and holes, to divert the attention away from the creature that had a hold of that poor young squirrel. I immediately came to full draw, and mentally ‘timing’ the leaps of the closest squirrel coming directly at me, I let loose another arrow, and connected directly under the chin of a beautiful large male fox squirrel. While trying to knock yet another arrow on the string, all the bushy tails headed back into the trees. I was really impressed at how fast the action stopped, it usually don’t happen like that.

About the same time, I heard the footsteps in the leaves, I caught the movement out of the corner of my eye, a coyote was working his way into my position, apparently to pick up an easy meal. With the season being open for ‘yotes’, I thumb the flu-flu off of the string and replaced it with a hunting arrow and broad head, ( when small game hunting, I always carry one broad headed arrow with me for yotes, coons and ground hogs) The coyote was coming to me from my right side, being a right handed shooter, this made a good shot nearly imposable to make. I made my move to turn towards the yote at very much the wrong time and he nearly came out of his skin as he whirled around to run off. I immediately started calling again but to no avail, he was gone and I could barely contain my laughter after playing the scene back through my head. As I collected my second bushy-tail of the day, I decided it had been a great couple hours of hunting and headed back home.

There are many different ways for bushy tail squirrel bow hunting. This archery – bow sport is very entertaining; actually it`s very similar as gunners use to hunt, give it a try and have a blast!

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