Straight Shot: Frank Addington Jr. Is Back

Frank Addington Jr.’s Straight Shot Weblog is Back on Bowhunting.Net

Howdy! It is been a though considering that I’ve written my standard “Straight Shot” column or performed a “Straight Speak Celebrity Interview”. Not too long ago I talked with Collin Cottrell and decided it was time to bring the column back and so we will resume this as a standard featured weblog on Bowhunting.Net.

I cannot try to remember the final time I checked in, so let me catch you up on how issues have been going. I hope that you and your family members and buddies are properly. 2020 began out as my 35th year on stage performing “Frank Addington’s Astounding Archery”. For new readers, I’ve carried out instinctive archery shows considering that the 1980s. I grew up in the archery company, my parents personal and operate Addington’s Bowhunter Shop in Winfield, WV. My family members and I reside in South Texas. Each my sons shoot archery and have been on stage with me.

My parents are each avid bowhunters. They’ve bowhunted collectively their whole marriage, which has now been 58 years! My mom took her 20th bear with a bow at age 72! They continue bowhunting and operating the company collectively. They have been great parents and produced confident I normally had a bow to shoot and a spot to shoot it.

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Cathy Addington

I began archery in 1971 at the age of four. I shot competitors archery, bowhunted, and shot on my family’s ranges from an early age. As fate would have it a handful of part models came along that significantly influenced me. Rev. Stacy Groscup was a significant hero, part model, and family members buddy. His father Baptized my father when he was born. As a kid, I tossed targets for Stacy and when I turned 18 he tossed a Pepsi can into mid-air and challenged me to hit it. I did and that quite day he place me on stage.

Rev Stacy Groscup Frank Addington Jr

Fred Bear was one more family members buddy that had a massive effect on me. Fred knew how to market archery and so from him I was inspired on how to present archery to the common public and get them interested in becoming active. Fred was a good man and I discovered a good deal from him.

Fred Bear

Ann Clark was an exhibition archer that had me on stage as a teenager. She had a productive show and had me help her on stage at a massive show. That helped cement my interest in performing archery shows.

Several other individuals also had an effect like Earl and Ann Hoyt, Joe Johnston, Jim Easton, and Hoyt factory rep Jim Wynne. All these people helped me along the way.

More than the years I’ve performed coast to coast. Huge shows, little shows, and in in between. Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, Outside Expos, Sport Shows, Boat and RV Shows, Art Shows, Symphony events, and private shows for celebrities and properly-identified people.

Rev Stacy Groscup Frank Addington Jr Archery Show

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My show consists of about 30 minutes of “bow and arrow razzle dazzle”, down to tiny targets shot from mid-air. In 1994 I produced archery history by becoming the initially exhibition shooter ever to do an whole show with my recurve bow behind the back. Targets I’ve hit incorporate lifesavers, aspirin, child aspirin, and even mustard seeds – all behind the back.

A further special function of my shows is that I let the show that hires me to deliver my assistant. Most exhibition shooters use 1 individual regularly to toss targets. To me, it adds a degree of difficulty if I use a distinct thrower every time. No two folks throw the identical!

In the show, I inform my story and normally give God the credit for my 20/eight eyesight and any talent that I have. I encourage the audience to invest time outdoors collectively as a family members as I did, and much less indoors on video games, computer systems and in front of the Television. It is a family members-oriented show and has been developed that way from day 1.

Frank Addington Jr Amazing Archery Show2

2020 began out as a busy year. January and February I was flying about the nation performing and even appeared close to my house at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. I had a busy year planned and then COVID hit. All my shows – one hundred% of them from March on have been all canceled. This was a initially!

So I’ve stayed busy sorting and tuning my gear, spending time with my family members, and genuinely enjoyed the time off the road and at house. While it is been a hard year for us all, that aspect of a lot more family members time has been a blessing to me.

Effectively, that is caught you up on my exhibitions. I appear forward to bringing this column back complete-time and am currently operating on my subsequent column. Thank you for reading. Till subsequent time, Adios and God Bless You.

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