Strategies for Defeating a Whitetail’s Nostril

Vital tricks to beat a whitetail’s nostril

Though it could most likely be good to start this piece with an outline of the vital roles a whitetail’s nostril performs of their survival, then transition right into a ridiculously futile try at evaluating their sense of odor to people. Then, wrap-up with the significance of searching the wind earlier than lastly attending to odor management. I’m going to imagine that the overwhelming majority of you might have already heard all this earlier than. Due to that, I’m going to chop proper to the bone with as detailed an outline of the human odor-controlling strategies I exploit as I can.

I need to preface one factor first. You might have already observed that I check with this as odor management, not as scent elimination or being scent-free. I don’t imagine that it’s ever potential to utterly eradicate all human odor. The human physique is a finely tuned odor-producing machine and to assume we will halt its meeting line-like manufacturing of odor is a fantasy. Nonetheless, the strategies I developed have made it so I now not cringe once I spot the buck of a lifetime approaching from a downwind place. When the wind all of the sudden shifts and is blowing my scent on to the bedding space, I keep in my stand with the arrogance that I’ll go undetected. Though I nonetheless take wind path severely, I’m now in a position to hunt places that I might have by no means dared to go earlier than.


Let’s start with treating our gear. That is an space generally ignored by many hunters. It actually doesn’t matter how severe you are taking private hygiene when you throw your moveable at the back of the truck on high of these oily rags which might be laying subsequent to the leaky gasoline can. Merely put, a whitetail actually doesn’t care if the offending odors it smells are coming from you or your gear. All it cares about is ‘one thing ain’t proper right here and I’m not sticking round to seek out out what it’s’. Clearly then, it’s as vital to deal with our gear as it’s our garments and ourselves.

Every and every thing we convey with us must be handled with respect. Earlier than I convey stands, tree steps, climbing sticks, security harnesses, bow, launch, arm guard, ect. into the woods, I wash them in a mix of water and ‘Scent Killer’ liquid cleaning soap from Wildlife Analysis Heart. After permitting them to sufficiently air out within the yard, I transport them to the specified location. Whereas in transport, I both seal them in a plastic bag or, for objects that aren’t sensible to retailer in a bag, I lay them on the baggage. As soon as I arrive on the location, I give them a liberal dousing of ‘Scent Killer’ Spray to offset any odors they could have picked up in transit. Now they’re able to enter the woods.


Everybody appears to know the significance of treating one’s clothes in some method. The odor management strategies I exploit rely closely on each ‘Scent Killer’ and ‘Scent-Lok’. I discover these two merchandise important to assist management the fixed move of odors our our bodies are continuously producing. For years I’ve tried to eradicate the odor from myself and my garments. Though I used to be initially profitable at each, inside a matter of thirty minutes, newly forming physique odors would efficiently thwart my efforts and I’d be stinking up the woods once more. Due to that, I needed to develop a process to eradicate newly shaped aromas in addition to present ones. Therefore, the position of ‘Scent Killer’ and ‘Scent-Lok’.

Subsequent to the compound bow, they’ve finished extra to extend my success than another new improvement within the searching business. Even with this stated, far too many individuals make the error of ignoring private hygiene and treating there clothes. Nearly as good as these merchandise are, they aren’t a treatment for laziness.

I start by washing a minimal of 5 units of garments, three for searching and two for sporting whereas driving. I can normally get by with sporting the searching garments two or three journeys into the woods earlier than they must be washed once more with the driving apparel holding out a bit longer. This fashion, with as a lot as I hunt, I can go round per week with out washing earlier than I run out of garments. In addition to washing the garments in ‘Scent Killer’ Clothes Wash, I embody a half dozen towels and wash garments as nicely. From the washer, they go on to the clothesline. As soon as dried, I go away all however one set hanging on the road. The ‘Scent-Lok’ suites themselves are by no means washed, simply recharged by placing them within the drier, to allow them to be maintained with minimal effort.

I retailer them, together with a set of searching and transport garments and the apparel I plan on sporting the subsequent day, in a ‘Scent-Lok’ bag that’s sealed inside a plastic bag. I do desire to maintain my garments outdoors, however a couple of too many premature rains have taught me to maintain one sealed simply to play it protected.

Treating Ourselves

The very first thing I do might sound a bit fanatical even to seasoned bowhunters. I hold my armpits shaved throughout all the season. Armpits are a digital breeding floor for odor-producing micro organism, by preserving them shaved, I can scale back the odor my physique produces. I additionally hold my hair and beard quick throughout this time which gives a bit assist as nicely. If somebody actually desires to take it to the intense, shaving each inch of their decrease physique wouldn’t be a foul thought. I simply can’t enable myself to go there.

Earlier than every journey to the woods, and I do imply each morning and afternoons, I bathe utilizing ‘Scent Killer’ Bar and Liquid Cleaning soap. I then dry with a towel that has been handled and hanging with the remainder of the garments outdoors, give my underarms a shot of ‘Scent Killer’ Deodorant and gown in my touring garments. All this does no good if my breath wreaks, so brushing with baking soda and consuming an apple are subsequent on the agenda. Now I’m prepared to depart, however I place a few rubbish luggage on my seat to keep away from direct contact earlier than I get within the automobile.

Steve Bartylla Bowhunter

The Hunt

As soon as I arrive at my vacation spot, I seize my gear, boots, an additional bag and the sealed bag that accommodates my ‘Scent-Lok’ swimsuit and another garments I shall be sporting. At a protected place, positioned upwind from the automobile, I peal my outer layer of garments, putting them within the additional bag and gown in my searching garments. That is additionally the time once I douse my boots, bow and another overseas objects I’m bringing with ‘Scent Killer’ Liquid Spray, in addition to the crotch and armpit areas of my undergarments. After stashing my transit garments and footwear I’m prepared to go into the woods. If I’m fearful about overheating, I’ll go away myself unzipped till I get close to my stand.

The one cowl scent I normally use is doe urine that’s utilized to a pair of boot pads. This fashion I can go away a non-offensive scent path to and from my stand and hold them from limbs to assist masks my odor whereas on the stand itself. Care should be taken to keep away from contacting the scent with the ‘Scent-Lok’ swimsuit. The reasoning right here is the swimsuit doesn’t know the distinction between “good” smells and the “dangerous” smells. Ideally, the swimsuit is spending all its efforts on absorbing the “dangerous” odors and correct lure care helps obtain this.

After the hunt has concluded, I modify again into my transit garments and return my searching apparel to sealed luggage. This consists of eradicating my boots. Usually individuals will go to nice lengths to deal with their clothes, whereas utterly ignoring their boots. Rubber might not take up or transmit odors, however substances resembling oil nonetheless cling to boots and may go away the unsuitable scent path within the woods.


Congratulations, when you’ve got made it this far, you actually might classify your self as a bowhunting fanatic. I notice that odor management isn’t essentially the most thrilling matter within the bowhunting world, nevertheless, it is among the most vital. This may occasionally look like a whole lot of effort to some individuals, however I discover it completely essential. Within the areas the place I do most of my searching, I’ve to work my tail off to get right into a place to reap a 120″ plus whitetail. If he winds me, as a rule, my probability of filling my buck tag that 12 months is nil. Since adopting this technique, that has but to occur. The perfect proof of this technique is documented in our video, “The Necessities”. The 128″ buck Joe harvests would have busted him 100 occasions over with out using this system. For me, that makes all of it worthwhile!

Deer Looking Odor Management Video

Notice: This text is written by Steve Bartylla and was initially posted to Bowhunting.Web on September 23, 1998.

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