PSE NOCK ON EVO NTN 33 – New Bow 2020

In the span of the 50 years considering the fact that Pete Shepley started Precision Shooting Gear, Shepley’s company PSE Archery has been accountable for far more breakthrough innovations in modern day compound bows and archery gear than any other single manufacturer in the archery and bowhunting industries.

For 2020, PSE Archery has joined with bowhunter and archer John Dudley of Nock On Archery. John is broadly recognized for his social media following, the #NockOnNation, his podcast, and on the net videos about archery strategy, shooting instruction, bow tuning, and gear choice and setup.

At the ATA Archery Trade Show in January, PSE announced Dudley’s custom design and style innovations on the new 2020 NOCK ON® EVO® NTN 33. This most up-to-date PSE bow is custom-made by John Dudley in conjunction with PSE’s RampD and manufacturing facility.

PSE John Dudley Bow

Here’s a very first appear at PSE’S NOCK ON EVO NTN 33 that attributes John Dudley’s custom innovations.

These advancements contain John Dudley’s revolutionary D.T. Rest Mount that entirely cancels movement of the arrow rest when the arrow is launched. It eliminates even the slightest movement of the rest.

The side of the bow’s riser is now custom slotted for a zero-tolerance match of the Precise-Lock Cable Guard Program.

The bow’s Optimized Fall-Away Riser Shelf is now wider and is a far more strong landing pad for bigger whale tail style launcher blades and it consists of a deeper arrow trough for far more efficient pre-shot arrow positioning.

The bow’s custom-made Direct Drive Rest Cord Connector creates the most constant, speedy-drop position for cable activated drop-away rests.

The EVO NTN also consists of an integrated riser prepared Quickstand Program that makes it possible for bowhunters to prop the bow up in a shoot prepared position when ground blind hunting as nicely as when practicing on the variety. The integrated Quickstand Program is made to be shot on the bow. It removes effortlessly removable and can be stored in a bow quiver or back quiver with your arrows.

PSE John Dudley Bow


The limbs ON the EVO NTN are completed in GORE® OPTIFADE® Subalpine camouflage by SITKA®, the very first-ever supplying for PSE. The limbs pair completely with the new matte timber green riser and every little thing is brought collectively with Nock On green custom strings and cables.

PSE’s EVO® NTN 33 completely dissipates noise and vibration thanks to laid-back limbs and optimized string angles resulting in the quietest bow ever created. This confirmed program also cancels excess power, resulting in a accurate dead-in-hand really feel. The EVO NTN riser incorporates PSE’s confirmed riser length and grip position producing a steadier hold for higher shot consistency and accuracy.

All-new ComfortGrip™ Program provides you the decision of the confirmed, PSE-engineered riser grip technologies that minimizes hand make contact with to the riser, as a result, decreasing hand-induced torque, or the new molded grip overlay selection for a bigger grip surface location and warmer really feel.

John Dudley Bow

For specifications and far more info about the new 2020 NOCK ON® EVO® NTN 33 compound bow, you can go to

In this video John Dudley will take you by way of the attributes of this bow:

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